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John Goodrich

@1RxMichelle @RepAndyBiggsAZ I'm guessing that Jared Kushner is smarter than you are. And if you want to see the…

9 hours ago

New Leibniz

@Rickself27gmai1 I completely agree with you. We need the kind of children who could read Jared Diamond's book "Col…

15 hours ago


RT @blarpvs: “I legit love the Jews but if you look at the philosophers pushing atheist/materialist and postmodern/cultural relativism it’s…

1 day ago

Rafay Hussain Zaidi

@Dr_Chris_Barton Hi Ive read this book and it has given me some good insights in the field. Jared Diamond's credent…

1 day ago


@literarybase Mau banget mutualan, tapi akunku campur-campur ehehe... Aku lagi baca Collapse by Jared Diamond.

1 day ago

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