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dame la quarentena

strongly disliked beaded jewelry etc then i fell into the mass vortex of beauty that is indig beading omfg

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Faerie Cave Vortex by @grbbells #jewelry #magic #meditation #bell

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RT @JewelryYuji: 機械式万歩計の構造を応用しています。本来は歩行の振動で重り- が上下し、減速させた歯車の回転運動を上下運動に変え、蓮の花- 弁を開閉させます。3600回の振動で一度咲く仕掛けです。 - #jewelry #handmade #gimmick #lotus…

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Glenn Kirschner

Thank goodness we have men and women of integrity serving in our armed forces. CPT Crozier supported and protected…

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Shannon Watts

I am sobbing at this story of a woman who had to say goodbye to her 40-year-old husband on FaceTime as he died from…

23 hours ago

Scott Hechinger

Approached by cops w/o masks. Pepper sprayed. Arrested. Caged in a cell for nearly 2 days. Packed next to dozens of…

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BH Poole

Trump is still the country's top con man. His cult does not seem to care about human life, so why are they so cons…

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@wwylmrachel @furlgotpearls @SaycheeseDGTL Right cause they clearly just want to be with “Women” 👀

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