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Human Rights Watch

Do you know where your jewelry comes from? #BehindTheBling

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The Terror

This grim Crozier discovery comes from actual reports in Inuit testimony, which described finding one man's remains…

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最大20時間連続再生が可能&折り畳んで持ち運べるAnker- のマイク内蔵型Bluetoothヘッドホン「Soundco- re Vortex」 QG

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OnE vOiCe

@Devonte_Riley we're headed out to #Cali #Merch #Books #Music #Vapes #Clothing #Jewelry #Accessories #Magazines & m…

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The Wolf of Wall St

RT @madddieee217: i got jordan these bracelets from … but i lowkey want to keep them for myself lol…

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Imran Garda

For many ginger boys, Prince Harry’s engagement to a stunner offers ‘hope’

1 week ago

Elizabeth Warren

Thomas Farr, @realdonaldtrump's nominee for a federal judgeship, worked to undermine voting rights & defended discr…

1 week ago

Chelsea Handler

I just read that Bill O’Reilly is in talks to return to cable news...with his EP, Bill Cosby? How about—I don’t thi…

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RT @unbaliable: Why is my man threatening me with jewelry

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