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@HomersOzPol @Leo_Puglisi6 The figure of 6 million murdered during the Holocaust refers to Jewish victims alone. Th…

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Alex Shepherd

@snarkisttuna @OnlyfansisOP @Zioinfiltration @FrankDeScushin None of this was true in America. And yet: "CP histor…

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Razeh Fadil

@nachal_giyus86 pre-Dreyfus Trail, Europe's Jews openly spoke of Chazars as the root/source of their identity This…

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Paradise of Bohemians

RT @Gebraheel: @bad_histories Yes, that is mostly likely a photo from Novaky. Here's a photo from when Jewish prisoners in force-labor comp…

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Z gull

Bathsheba gave birth at age 6 ~ Jewish Encyclopedia

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