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RT @nojam__nolife_: 2018 MAMA 올해의 아티스트(대상) 방탄소년단 수상소감 JH : 저는 이 상을 받아도 울었을 거고 안받아도 울었어 거 같아요 오늘은. 너무 많은 고생하고 여러분들에게 너무 많은 사랑을 받았기 때문에 꼭 보…

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RT @PengMinari: Can't get over this JH's word... [We've been really exhausted both in our mind and body in this year] ...They deserve to…

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Baechu 배주현 #RBB

RT @irenesuglytrash: Tmr is the last stage of this promotion. Red Velvet worked hard while we didn't. Keep that in your mind

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I’ll never live in fear, I’m too outta my mind.

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JK #편안하다

They were going to disband earlier this year.... My mind suddenly starts going off trying to figure out what happe…

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