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Ryan Bergara

If you’re looking to sign petitions and/or donate to the victims, the protestors, or just the #BlackLivesMatter mov…

1 day ago

Nicola Sturgeon

A reminder that you should not be flocking to beauty/tourist spots - or travelling more than around 5 miles from yo…

1 day ago

Lewis Capaldi

#BlackLivesMatter follow this link to sign petitions or donate money if you are able to x

13 hours ago

mai¹²⁽⁷⁾ | #BlackLivesMatter

RT @OneInAnARMY: ARMY, we have put together a carrd with some of the options for donating to #BlackLivesMatter that have met OIAA guideline…

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BDSM Lover

RT @MissCourtneyM: Couple of spaces left for Skype tomorrow after 2pm book by sending Me a message on Skype! courtneymorganuk_1 https:/…

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Tom Cotton

Anarchy, rioting, and looting needs to end tonight. If local law enforcement is overwhelmed and needs backup, let…

12 hours ago

Brian Schatz

I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transf…

1 day ago

Dylan Minnette

this is EXACTLY what i’m talking about. the police are the ones who started this, and they’re the ones who keep it…

22 hours ago

Jessica Josephson

RT @MatthewACherry: Can’t wait for Twitter CSI to find the final pic on this woman’s IG

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소원 ที่เป็นชื่อคนไม่ใช่ชื่อแฟนคลับ

RT @MatichonOnline: คุกพิเศษกทม.เปิดเยี่ยมญาติวิถีใหม่วันแรก ‘ไบรท์’ ประเดิมเข้าเยี่ยม ‘สรยุทธ’ แล้ว via @MatichonO…

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