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James O'Brien

I've read the Mail on Sunday 'story' twice so that you don't have to. Keir Starmer bought a field behind his parent…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

They, and the Lamestream Media (including Jake), have spent 3 1/2 years illegally smearing me. They got caught!

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

This is your daily reminder that one of the women who accused the great and honorable Justice Kavanaugh admitted sh…

1 month ago

charo bolanos

RT @Toure: When a prominent media figure says “Trump gets stuff done,” that’s a weird way of referencing 100,000 people getting killed by C…

1 month ago


RT @SportsCenter: Live look at Rodman sneaking past 300 media members and out of the arena ... #TheLastDance

1 month ago