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Dee Madigan

Wow!!!!! Barnaby Joyce, Angus Taylor, Australia and the Caribbean via @MichaelWestBiz

1 day ago

Joyce Meyer

"To delight yourself in the Lord and let Him give you the desires of your heart is much better than struggling whil…

7 hours ago

Peter Martin

"Taylor used to make a living from working with this company, he goes into parliament, and then the company gets a…

1 day ago

Ray Marx & Robyn Deane (RKD)

RT @simonahac: .@Barnaby_Joyce is in hiding.

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RT @mudda_kira: Happy Easter from The Joyce’s 🐣💕

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Netflix France

Si tu veux : - Rire : Isn’t It Romantic, Plan Coeur... - Pleurer : OITNB, After Life... - Manger : Chef's Table, Fl…

1 month ago

Nelson Bocaranda S.

ATENTOS:El tema CHINA involucra a los funcionarios de mas confianza de Maduro tanto en la representacion diplomátic…

4 weeks ago

Ibéyise Pacheco

No les es suficiente el cierre de periódicos y emisoras, la censura impuesta en televisoras, cancelar programas de…

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RT @LuzEsperanza21: "LA POLLITA PARTICIPATIVA" les está está provocando dolor de cabeza, mareos y problemas de nervios, a todos los Transit…

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