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Dinesh D'Souza

Poor pathetic Obama who never had an economy to be proud of is now trying to take credit for Trump’s economy

2 days ago

Gary Stonehouse

Long shot. Desperately trying to find a lost brown Ralph Lauren wallet in London Bridge. Not bothered about the cas…

2 days ago

Walter Shaub

When a federal government official publicly calls you a liar on an official social media account, without any due p…

2 days ago


RT @gabyhasafatty: Will I ever find someone that likes Tyler, the Creator as much as I do? ☹️

1 day ago

Remember the Schianamo

RT @_flight17_: For all those people who have never seen Treasure Planet. Find it. Watch it. Be inspired. #MorphIsMySpiritAnimal https://t.…

1 day ago