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Cardi B said I don’t cook or clean but I got this ring. A pick me just died.

1 day ago

Adam Schiff

Once again, a principled, patriotic public servant has come forward to expose Trump's abuse of power. Once again,…

1 day ago

NY AG James

To be clear, no charity registered in NYS, including the @NRA, can dissolve and relocate to another state without t…

11 hours ago

erika 卌

RT @BABYLONLFTVM: interviews where 5sos are subjected to sh, or talk about how they were subjected to it, as well as inappropriate, awkward…

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Never Again Means Something

@elsecaller_ Seems like its better to just prenegotiate anything where there's an expected consent issue and then e…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Our Fall series of #TeamAOC Organizing workshops are here! Want to learn how to set up a childcare collective, org…

1 day ago

Ralph Northam

We have had more than 152,000 downloads of the @VDHgov #COVIDWISE app since our official launch yesterday! And the…

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RT @pk_kenzie: pls stop making instagram art tutorials that look like this

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