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Natalie Roth

RT @JohnFugelsang: I had a dream that all the trees cut down for pre-approved credit card junk mail came back & went all Tolkien on ...


7 years ago

Green Earth Watchdog

100 million trees are used every year for junk mail! You can stop 75% of it by signing up on the Direct Mktg Assn Website (for a fee of $1).


7 years ago

All Rise Jinyao

I should really get a new email next yr.. My current mail box is spammed with all sorts of junk -.-


7 years ago

Lindsay Grubb

Dear Winter, I suspect my memo about moving on got caught in your junk mail folder. No hard feelings but we're trying to engage summer.


7 years ago


RT @SuggestibleDave: I think I need a no hawkers or no junk mail sign or something.


7 years ago

Young Nosack

throw her out like junk mail


7 years ago

Lisa Nelson

@joshdurias Stuff all the junk in their postage paid envelope & mail it right back to them!


7 years ago

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