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Erik Edwards

@PhilCarter702 yo! Host with the most! Still going on our end, just #hosting where ya don't pay for it!!! #smarthosting #winterwacksux


11 years ago

Fitri R.Thirlwall ♡♛

Aku dah boleh jadi host "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" JUST LOOK AT THE FOOD I EAT WHEN I'M IN SINGAPORE OR JOHOR. http://t.co/u6B1YRrR


11 years ago

{ Peeta Mellark }

I just realized that Saoirse Ronan gets to kiss 2 hot guys in The Host... I am jealous.


11 years ago


@stillslife can't wait to see The Hobbit! Am reading The Host just now as the trailer looked wicked!


11 years ago

Mitchell Pinder

@greggfrog just seen this XD I am a host of jungle clearing on telly spy :) final episode tomoz :(


11 years ago

Margaret Foster

me [Sun. Dec. 2, 2012], "This morning I watched as the Priest threw the Sacred Host back down in the plate, like it was truly just a peice


11 years ago

Kagiso Kevin Lerutla

He's just a good host RT @LeshegoL: But what does Robert Marawa know about beauty pageants? Just asking.


11 years ago

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