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Bolu Babalola

RTing because I still think, even now, people don't understand how devastating this thing is, and how we should sti…

2 weeks ago

Keith Olbermann

MONEY #129683 NOW LEANS IN TO BE PETTED. She’ll do that tomorrow and they’ll give her an injection that kills her.…

2 weeks ago

Jim Chalmers MP

Today Scott Morrison failed yet another basic, fundamental test of leadership - playing footsie with extremists for…

2 weeks ago

bimbo adjacent

RT @MADONNAjulie7: I lost my job due to Covid-19. I've tried SW so I can provide for my child but still fail, and I ended up in hospital be…

2 weeks ago


RT @MarkTheSpot__: Gladys, Brando and Sasha having more story than Liz seems like an issue to me. Absolute nonsense that Liz is reduced to…

2 weeks ago

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