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@Pen2Pen_ @hat_teddy @Comfy_Goyette_ @NotAndrewShirey Oh, and how Africans could saved europe during the Age of Enl…

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@Pen2Pen_ @Comfy_Goyette_ @NotAndrewShirey 75% Non-White he said :'D Europe, Russsia, North America, South America…

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@CRE_SciencesPo @f_philippot @chevenement @lesRepublicains @NPolony Sortir de l'UE* pas de l'Europe #Frexit

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#BroadcastArticle (2/2): Cameras and Camcorders #InBroadcast contributing editor David Kirk look at the latest ima…

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Quentin Christensen

@Epyonzilla @RivaolJV Déjà lu haha ! Je lis assidûment depuis 2004 JVC. 😃 Mais un petit dossier plus complet avec l…

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Dan Rather

A reprieve? The deaths of 17 Americans in a school shooting? One of the most outrageous quotes I have ever heard ou…

1 day ago

Chelsea Clinton

Measles rates soaring in Europe as vaccination rates have dropped. This is not coincidental. I will never stop bein…

14 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

Don Jr. is visiting India to promote family real estate projects. He’s also planning to deliver a foreign policy s…

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yolanda odonnell

RT @astroehlein: Here in Europe, we manage not to have weekly school shootings and our teachers are unarmed. How is that possible? #ItsTheG…

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