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Yugyeom x Jennie 🌕🌘🌑

RT @snowflurries22: 🐥: Jinyoung, let’s get married! JY: Sorry~ JS: Sorry guys~ JY: Sorry guys~ (still feel bad) I’m so sorry MY BABY 😭…

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I am: Chan

RT @tuanxcoco: [MPD직캠] 갓세븐 유겸 직캠 4K 'ECLIPSE’ (GOT7 YUGYEOM FanCam) YG: JB: YJ: https://…

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RT @7angelsforme: JY: lo siento brasil porque no iremos allí JS: queremos que sepan que nuestros corazones siempre estarán con ustedes JY:…

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🌘🌴🌙 YoungJaebeom 🌴🌙🌘

RT @DHJubU: [MPD직캠] 4K 'ECLIPSE’ ( #GOT7 FanCam) | 2019.5.23 💚 GOT7> MT> BB>…

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RT @snowflurries22: BB: *said there’s no remix in thai JS: Why did you say there’s no remix? BB: Cos there’s no remix MK: But we don’t lie…

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