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Kamala Harris

Here’s what separates @JoeBiden and me from Donald Trump and Mike Pence: We know that educators, electrical workers…

1 month ago

Sean Davis

The rollout of Bob Woodward’s anti-Trump book started this week. The rollout for HR McMaster’s anti-Trump book star…

1 month ago

Sabine Romelus

RT @SM59526719: #PrinceHarry sending support to veterans taking on the Walk of Oman to highlight the need for continued support to aid ser…

1 month ago


RT @Tsukuyomi_4343: 悪い人/syudou Vo/mix 夜ノいろは Enc 30秒僕に時間をください。 YouTube #悪い人 #歌ってみた https…

1 month ago