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Losing Bigly

@Kalyx_triaD @JamesOKeefeIII @DLoesch For you.

1 hour ago

Durodola Sanmi Joel

RT @Ace_Baller: @adamugarba Even if the “conspiracy” is true, the politics of it won’t blind us from the factual truth that the government…

2 hours ago

Durodola Sanmi Joel

RT @AishaYesufu: Over the years Nigerian military have massacred IPOB members and Buhari @MBuhari has never said anything. His evil ways di…

2 hours ago

Jean Kalyx

@CVBrady @GreatGoatsby_ @BrewsterBruh @RiceKun In the trailer, sure.

12 hours ago

🎃 NecroNationalist 🎃

@GreatGoatsby_ @Kalyx_triaD @RiceKun In today's political and cultural environment. You can almost guarantee it.

13 hours ago

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