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Asha Rangappa

There's a concept in Hinduism called "dharma," which means "duty." Your dharma is to always do *the next right thin…

9 hours ago

Jaspreet Bindra

Time is not linear, explained our ancient sages, it is a circle. The core concept of Karma is that what goes around…

12 hours ago

Cultura Colectiva

¿Crees en el karma? 🤔

19 hours ago


RT @Nusayba_Sani: Munafurci sai mata. This girl was having a problem with her boyfriend and her friend advised her to break up with him.T…

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RT @prncessalli: I love my body the skinny jokes don't bother me 😛

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Juan Guaidó

#Atención Hagámos que este audio llegue a todos los venezolanos dentro y fuera de nuestro país. Que no se quede n…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Fiat Chrysler will be adding more than 6,500 JOBS in Michigan (Detroit area), doubling its hourly workforce as part…

1 month ago

Laiza (Lay-sa)

What is meant for you is meant solely for you. Don’t look for explanations or changes. It’s in your path for a reas…

1 month ago


@higgihaus we're on a mission to deliver comfortable, convivial and achingly stylish 'places to stay' in which it f…

1 month ago