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@PolitiBunny You have focused in on the key word “deserve”. They don’t feel they should earn it but simply deserve…

1 week ago

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Paul Joseph Watson

Paypal banned Sabo, the conservative street artist, and stole his money. PayPal cannot be trusted to reliably hold…

1 month ago

Ron Wyden

Mark Zuckerberg has said he doesn't want the responsibility of blocking false political ads. If that's really the c…

1 month ago

Shay Mitchell

Name a baby that looked more like an overworked stockbroker on Wall Street in the eighties..... I’ll wait.

1 month ago

Bethany Suckrow

RT @iSmashFizzle: I would boo him in the house I would boo him with a mouse I would boo him on the street I would boo him in this tweet htt…

1 month ago