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Michael Husted

Congrats Andrew Rudolph for being selected as kicker/punter to the St. Louis North/South All-Star game being played today at 11:30.

7 years ago

Koy Hughes

@ChanceGaither yeah, Quinn is an all american kicker, that's two completely different things, what's your point?

7 years ago

Matt Fkn Ward

@MatthewBerryTMR what was the most points a fantasy kicker has had in a season? Can tynes top it?

7 years ago

Lauren Gallagher

RT @JustAnotherAmba: just sums dan howell up tbh

7 years ago

Maurice Davis

I Hate when a kicker has a good jersey number #JustDo

7 years ago

Grant Swingler

RT @kasidypaige22: Collin Cranfill for Baylor kicker please.

7 years ago

Ryan Ebert

RT @S0Y_Bean: I don't get how that kicker makes anything. His kicks are so slow, low and sloppy!!

7 years ago

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