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Joy Reid

McConnell threatens to block everything even if Trump loses in 2020: "If I'm still the majority leader in the Senat…

1 month ago

Dan Hett

racist scum won't come out in public due to direct street action mere hours ago. it's almost like this stuff works

1 month ago

Chowkidar Ashu

Rubbish Kumar had his typical constipated look on prime time after exit polls were out. A real journalist would jus…

1 month ago

Yoko Arika

RT @deathcookie78: Since I've actually started to enjoy colouring stuff when I can, I decided to colour an older pic of me and @ArtPhusion'…

1 month ago

Benedict Turdsman

@yusefroach You're taking this work stuff well I see

1 month ago

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