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Mufti Ismail Menk

We often take for granted the people closest to us, especially our parents. May the Almighty always guide us to be…

3 weeks ago


#BTSArmy, we’d never let you walk alone. To help you get prepared, we created a guide of insider #TicketTips and in…

3 weeks ago

Star Wars

Brave. Loyal. Wise. Learn more about the women who became Queen Amidala's Royal Handmaidens with…

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RT @IndivisibleTeam: Elections have consequences. And today we got to see that in action. The Democrats having power in the House means the…

3 weeks ago

alice ☃️

RT @suchnerve: HANDY RED FLAGS GUIDE If someone unironically says the following, ditch them. 1. “Boys will be boys” 2. “I’m not racist, b…

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