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So for my second season I've made a sideways move to Belfast Celtic in Northern Ireland. Have zero knowledge of pl…

17 hours ago

The Liberty Hound

Interesting take from Frenchie. What exactly is the knowledge gap between the online super-MAGA Trump defender, and…

2 days ago

bob the dog

RT @MysteriousWay15: @jeremyrhammond @AndrewLazarus4 @wa7trel @Takethatdoctors @SomethingsNotR3 I can’t imagine how anyone without even a r…

2 days ago

John Tasioulas

Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob) is about the tragic limitations of humans’ knowledge of their place in t…

3 days ago

Lisa Crowe

@hound_havoc @carnojoe @ChuckCallesto @FLOTUS You seems to have 1st hand knowledge. I heard that back when Obama/Bi…

3 days ago

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