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Chuck Callesto

BREAKING REPORT: South African Medical Association REBUKES Global Hysteria – Says OMICRON VARIANT Symptoms ‘Unusual But Mild’...

6 days ago

Ingrid Katz

I want to be clear about the nu variant. We know what we know BECAUSE South Africa has invested in advanced genomi…

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UPDATE : แอฟริกาใต้ เปิดเผยว่า เชื้อโควิดกลายพันธุ์ใหม่ B.1.1.529 แพร่ระบาดในอัตราที่รวดเร็วมาก แอฟริกาใต้พบผู้ป่ว…

1 week ago

Very Stable Genius

RT @zainrizvi: Recall that Botswana bought 500k doses from Moderna for ~$29 per dose—far more than what even wealthy countries paid. Doses…

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RT @DeportedPhotog: Available on @withFND one of 3 pieces available Reserve .25 ETH YOU can be my first collector on the site Support p…

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