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Le Grand Jeu La Boîte à Pizza et Oasis

1 month ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

Why won’t Nancy Pelosi vote on a bill that will pass in seconds with bipartisan support and create over 100,000 new…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

“The American people are going to see this for what it is. It is a political effort by the Democrats, and the Presi…

1 month ago

Justin Bieber

Have a great week

1 month ago


Uno se podría sorprender de la cantidad de hombres cultos, con altas credenciales académicas, totalmente consciente…

1 month ago


RT @flexlibris: @LibraryFreedom if you're a librarian who wants to spend four months with 30 of your peers thinking deeply about technology…

1 month ago