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Nathan Moore 🇬🇧

Seeing a few people on here saying that Leclerc was robbed. What some people fail to realise is that Ferrari had to…

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CrG LỠcky

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Chris Holstein

If controversal, this could be the road back to the old Seb. I certainly hope so.

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Adam Schiff

Under the White House legal theory, witnesses are immune from subpoena if they have: - Worked for the President (o…

4 days ago

Archana Kalpathi

Please do not speculate on the release date and spread rumours. We can announce it only after Censor and please tru…

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Nancy C Robertson

RT @mayawiley: The back and forth among #Dems about what is privileged is surprising. #Lewandowski has no legal arg that he can’t answer qu…

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African Queen

These people are all fooled by anti fgm propaganda. MC is much more invasive than F.C. but one is legal and the oth…

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