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My parents friends went to get tested for coronavirus. They waited in line for two hours and then decided to leave…

1 day ago

Keith Boykin

Texas Doctor: I got 10 calls yesterday for young people who will die if they don’t get ICU support, but I only have…

3 hours ago

Kyle Griffin

"Evidence is growing that a mutated coronavirus strain, the main one circulating in the Houston area, is more conta…

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RT @jwgop: As everyone knows, @ProjectLincoln is in a pitched battle with @realDonaldTrump & his self subjugated enablers around him and in…

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Believe the Word ✝️

@TaylorRMarshall Here in Texas, you can see them screwing with death nos. For ex., corrupt Hidalgo Co. went from 32…

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James Woods

The critical part is “Are you going to have trouble giving up power, land and capital to a person of color in the f…

3 weeks ago

Jack Posobiec

Update: Antifastan has segregated their farms

3 weeks ago

Charlie Kirk

United States Senator, Robert Byrd (D): "I should die a thousand times ... than to see this beloved land of ours b…

3 weeks ago

LUZ 13/05

@kamcivelli Sale ese basketbol

3 weeks ago


look at texas being texas

3 weeks ago