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Scott Dworkin

Here’s video I found of Donald Trump, Jr. speaking fluent Czech & saying he speaks it fluently. He then explains ho…

1 month ago

Seth Abramson

Re: multiple foreign intel agencies now independently confirming that Cohen was in Prague when Steele's dossier say…

1 month ago

Adam Schiff

All government workers in the affected agencies are impacted, Mr. President. Both Democrats and Republicans. Th…

1 month ago


People's National Congress (PNC) aa gulhivadaigannavan edhivadaigannavaa lobuvethi rayyithunnah e furusathu vanee h…

1 month ago

Devon Book Club

@YrsaSig Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for being in touch. I'll review the book before the NY. I'd love to hear f…

1 month ago