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Neal Katyal

Federal judge not buying Trump Admin shenanigans on census. Discovery into discriminatory intent will now take pla…

1 month ago

Álex Riveiro

Un grupo de físicos quiere "abrir un portal" a otro universo. Dicho así, parece que todos nos hayamos vuelto locos.…

1 month ago

John Dean

This means the Trump Admin shenanigans to invent a new justification will be subject to contemporaneous discovery w…

1 month ago

WHAT'S GOOD tag svt or else

RT @kwancentral: I slowly put together a list of Seungkwan's achievements as time went by this year! It's just the 1st half yet our little…

1 month ago


@SoyPlayek @PlayOver11 Yo era admin con OP 7w7 xd

1 month ago