Lava tweets

Chloe Espina ★

RT @ZacEfron: Hey guys! Z here. Rode up the lava flow of Manyon Volcano today. Wishing you the best from the Philippines. ...

8 years ago

Isaiah Pacheco

RT @atmosphere: the jokes on you because i actually do own a lava lamp!

8 years ago

CantGetZaynough :*

RT @IDoThat2: I used to climb on the furniture pretending the floor was lava!

8 years ago


“@ceefizzzy: @WyckedAwesome and stared at a lava lamp” yes? Lolol

8 years ago

Alvin Tan

@samanthawwong is a lava lamp @angelinehaha

8 years ago

Brittany Watts

Is it bad that I really want this Dark Knight lava lamp??? #nahh #nerd #batmanfahdays #noshame **❤❤❤

8 years ago

Zoey Brookleigh

@WyckedAwesome and stared at a lava lamp

8 years ago

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