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Edna O'Keeffe

@LoopEmma Rubio's com Mueller "highly cred" Sad BF of leaker Comey Turnd dwn 4 FBI Hires Clintn lawyrs No invest of Leaks or Hils activits

1 hour ago


Thnks a lt Tersa Masa fr likng m twits n sendng bg lawyrs t Prlmnt t plead corrptn cass n…

2 hours ago


Corallo had started < than 2 months ago had been compln about too much fightn all the time inside the White House, inclun among the lawyrs

4 hours ago

Nancy Whitjade

@JackPosobiec To mny people still REMEMBR he VICOUSLY MURDERED th mothr of his childrn&Ron Goldman.He had th$ to hi…

5 hours ago

Shady Acres

RT @refee00: Lawyrs brght theDNC law suit,Becks,nds help BOMBSHELL: Attorney Links Clinton Foundation To Mayo Clinic, Peter Smith https://t…

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