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Kolbein K Waering Jr

UH-OH, Congress needs2ASK AG Roy Cohn Jr/Barr y ALL of DOJ's lawyrs defending Census decsn are withdrawing EN MASSE…

1 week ago


@asmashirazi @alisalmanalvi My Dear Asma Hajan Sherazi Almaroof lifafi sahiba. Agar gustakhi na samjhen tu arz karn…

2 weeks ago

Jason T. Nathan

@AaronLimsanity *stares at the 60y/old lawyrs planning to continue practice till 80's.* maybe 25 years........

2 weeks ago

The Corrector

Media: trump considering XO 2 add citizenship question 2 census. I would love for the clown to do that in defiance…

2 weeks ago

Total Cuntfidence

@Tobago_Slim I saw a video of sis getting seasoned with adobo in the club. I can only assume that lawyrs was the ne…

2 weeks ago

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