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@MSXM_X3 そこに仕込むとなるとチップLED1つで充分かなと思います、- 運転席部分のひし形アンドンの光量もチップLED1つであそこ- までの光量を放つので

2 weeks ago

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Glenn Kessler

Reminder: The investigation led by Robert Mueller has resulted in the indictments or guilty pleas of 33 people and…

2 weeks ago

Lou Dobbs

GOP Investigations led by Gowdy and Goodlatte were hapless and fraudulent, as bad in some cases as the criminals th…

2 weeks ago

The Economist

A rising cost of living and anti-immigrant sentiment has led tech workers to shun America in favour of Canada

2 weeks ago


Saudi-led coalition accused of using Sudanese child mercenaries ‘like firewood’ to fuel Yemen war…

2 weeks ago