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@AltaCalls Almost 550 in less than 20 minutes LMAO

40 minutes ago

Rindi Afindi

@stanmalloch @EMF_7 @MyTwolffamily @LNseven5 A major component of irrational decision making by addicts is drug cri…

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@EMF_7 @DailyCaller 20k per rifle 3k per 30+ rd mag 1,000 per 30Rd or less mag You got a deal, with that money I…

15 hours ago

BigDee 🇺🇲

@EMF_7 @DailyCaller In NJ if you are caught with an illegal firearm it is a mandatory sentence 3-5 years. No plea.…

16 hours ago

Andreas Ravndal 🇳🇴

@tferriss Two birds, one stone. Less notifications and less unnecessary EMF stress for your body to handle with all…

3 days ago

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