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Majid Oukacha

Ce genre de menaces de mort, j'en reçois par centaines, mais mes plaintes ou courriers aux autorités restent sans s…

4 weeks ago

David Reaboi

Yeah, he came across as senile and disengaged. But he hired people who were indeed “obsessed, unethical, witch hunt…

4 weeks ago

Kurt Schlichter

THIS IS THE FEEL-GOOD LAUGH RIOT READ OF THE WEEK. Just try and get through it without bursting into laughter. cc…

4 weeks ago

jocy ♡

@hstylesdelrey @trust_imlegit that and you don’t decide who’s been on the opposing side of racism. are you mexican…

4 weeks ago

Kumar Vinay

RT @ValaAfshar: A cheat sheet of 19 different types of business models:

4 weeks ago

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