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Donald J. Trump

STOCK MARKET AT ALL-TIME HIGH! HOW ARE YOUR 401K’S DOING? 70%, 80%, 90% up? Only 50% up! What are you doing wrong?

1 month ago

Robert Reich

You know what gives the stock market a sugar high? Cutting taxes on corporations & corporations using the savings…

1 month ago


Another HUGE, record-breaking day for the stock market! THANK YOU, @realDonaldTrump! https://t.c- o/YI2VSqneNs

1 month ago


Mpm ni bangang gak. Bila beli kupon, habis stock. Pastu saman. Cane sia nak letak kupon kalau kupon pun takde. Bodoh

1 month ago

pam the deplorable 2

RT @EzAsCoWa: It's almost like they know what's coming. - #CrowdStrike's inside owners have been quietly dumping hundreds of millions in co…

1 month ago

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