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Josh Johnson

Imagine a group of college football coaches in a colossal life or death struggle - Saban, Bryant, Rockne, Osborne,…

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Brittany Packnett

Identity =/= “a label” Identity = reality. You are wise to understand and examine your own and others. It will he…

1 week ago

world cup

RT @honeycries: Ok so long story short my ego was badly injured - I mean I basically was seconds from pulling the plug on the bastard but Y…

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#Maverick 👑

People who are ALWAYS honest and upfront with you are a perfect gift from God to you. If you have them, don't play…

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@Nir_Kahn @drewdraws2 @Roadster_Life @EricGallina Couldn't agree more. I am so proud of some of my work, even thoug…

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