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Frankie James Grande

working with @eurekaohara was one of the greatest privileges of my life. she is professional, kind, clever, funny,…

5 days ago


@gardenmum7 It was Mum’s copy of The Tree of Life, a documentary on Darwin by David Attenborough. Clever fella! 🐶

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CallMeEOnly 🌐👙

@davino1959 @NEERAJ_AGARWAL_ @DavidJayB @rokro11 @theguruoutlaw @_lets_do_it_ @papaouch @phiroc @Jedi_Swagger…

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Dan Bongino

So, a Russian working for the team hired by the Clintons, to attack Trump, is a Russian spy. This is more hard evid…

1 month ago

John Legend

I wonder what makes life more difficult for police. That we have so many guns per capita in America or me being ups…

1 month ago

James Woods

Trump wouldn’t win a Nobel Prize if he discovered the secret to eternal life. The Nobel Peace Prize officially beca…

1 month ago

βΔΚ: little sister superpower

RT @jojotaughtyou: so allegedly what i’m experiencing right now are the “best years of my life” allegedly

1 month ago

kristianna harding ❀

RT @BreezyAlex_: my mom told me "make sure u marry someone who makes u laugh when ur mad" and that's some of the best advice i've heard

1 month ago