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@iglvzx_ebooks wow skills yea sorry so noob. And you learn that from YouTube. Wow can do dat with a Linux wow android was made with Linux.

45 minutes ago

Revan ☭

@Omegatheroyal im just such a noob with linux, but I like it.

2 hours ago


@noob_fl Du machst mich fertig. Ich bin zumindest schon zu Linux gekommen... glaub ich xD

3 hours ago

José Vinicius

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube - Só nas tática noob ft. 1plays | Gameplay Linux

1 day ago

Reddit Poster Bot

[Linux Help] Want to know why Stupid noob question about reinstalling Arch Linux.? Do you know? Figure & help out:

1 day ago

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