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Katie Pavlich

Getting $86,000 per month from Burisma and not paying child support...yikes. DNA test revealed Hunter Biden fathe…

1 day ago

rachel shabi

Labour’s proposals are not radical - it’s just that we’re used to being told there’s no alternative to the inequali…

12 hours ago

Tulsi Gabbard

The only way to prevent war is being ready to meet with adversaries and potential adversaries. Diplomacy is the onl…

10 hours ago


RT @yes_tojess: Y’all have written multiple think pieces on how ghosting someone you’re dating is wrong. How do you not have the same stand…

just now


RT @SachaBaronCohen: It says something about our time, that the man who endorsed on Who Is America arming 4 year olds with machine guns, mo…

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