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Live long... N carry on!

11 years ago


you cant have my heart the doctor says i cant live without it!

11 years ago

Santao Claus ;n;

Sophie lived in korea for like 9 months omg 6 months studying 3 months stanning pmsl i wanna live with her ;n;

11 years ago

Andrea Del Castillo

RT @BrooksBeau: So proud of our boys!!! First time ever performing live

11 years ago

Faezah | 보배

I liked a @YouTube video [Live HD] Yang Yoseob - Caffeine @Music Core 121201

11 years ago

Kim Craven

RT @Richard_Buxton_: Chelsea fans chanting "you Scouse b*****d", "murderers" & more besides at Kevin Nolan. Nothing like showcasing ...

11 years ago


RT @jordcannon: thousands of attractive people on twitter and zero where i live..

11 years ago

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