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미친 애글레

I bet even Junho is around 70 kg. Esp when they're not promoting. Didn't he say he weighed 71 kg on 2PM show? Granted, that was 3y ago lol

2 days ago

shadows in the night

RT @elmakajas: jak schudnąć 10 kg w 10 dni, lol

5 minutes ago


jak schudnąć 10 kg w 10 dni, lol

6 minutes ago

Keep Grinding

ESPN prolly has just as many scandals as all these professional sports. They choose who to expose lol

12 minutes ago

'86 Lawrence Taylor

@KG_1391 lol our defense is better than yours though

28 minutes ago

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Noticias Rd

Madrid cerrará el centro a los coches en 2015: sólo podrán circular residentes: El Ayuntamiento de Madrid cerr...

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