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Marshall Mathers

#NOWHEREFAST Kehlani #IHEARTAWARDS "We are going to be too loud for them to ignore” - Alex Moscou It was both an in…

1 month ago

Amy Siskind

It never stops - the corruption of this regime. Wondering out loud if this “hunting buddy” is why the sudden shi…

1 month ago

Larry Elder

In calling @MaxineWaters "a low I.Q. individual," @realDonaldTrump merely says out loud what people say privately.

1 month ago

lisa oakes

@JeffMcNamara7 @4YrsToday @AnomousforNow @StephenKing @bj_erngren thanks for joke! Needed a good laugh! Fox is labe…

1 month ago

the underachiever

I don’t feel like anybody truly understands how much I enjoy driving around at night, faded, with my music playing loud

1 month ago

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