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Binyamin Appelbaum

Attention Norwegians! Are you sick of universal health care? Do you hate public spending on high-quality infras…

5 days ago

Bree Newsome

"Illegal immigrants drive down wages" REALLY? It is THEY who drive down wages? They go to employers & say "I'm try…

5 days ago

David Begnaud

Jim @Acosta on CNN just said, "Earlier today the President underwent a physical exam...but Across Washington and mu…

4 days ago


RT @TomiLahren: Worry less about who you might offend and pay more attention to who you might inspire.

4 days ago

King Ziggy

RT @KyleKulinski: - we're bombing 8 different countries - half the US makes $30k a year or less - we have the worst healthcare in the devel…

4 days ago

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