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Lebron Kames

please believe me when i say I am trying my best like im honestly just a smol bean that has no idea what i'm doing…

35 minutes ago


i could write endless poems for you, but i know not a single one of them would make you love me

1 hour ago


I can only see how much you love me without all the fads and trending ways. I love you. I cannot write poems abou…

1 hour ago

the person below triple gay 👇👇👇

english teacher: you need to write two love poems by tuesday me, hasn't experienced love since 7th grade:

1 hour ago

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The Paris Review

“Love poems must be bounced back off a moon.” —Robert Graves

1 month ago

T. A. Bunker

RT @jbooker63: Leaves of Dreams #poems #poetry #love

1 month ago

Jack O'Lantern

Poetry is not really my thing but I do love John Donne. Have had this going round in my head today for some reason.

1 month ago

Louisa Greene

RT @PowerpuffGeezer: #NEW #recycled #haiku #micropoetry #political #social #nature #love #poet #poetry #poems FIND MORE on #Scriggler https…

1 month ago