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Sylett Strickland

@realDonaldTrump You are Mafia scum.

11 hours ago

Rael Averross

@GeeksGamersCom @TatooineSons Not “Solo 2.” A Star Wars Mafia Series on Disney+ featuring Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fet…

13 hours ago

ప్రదీప్ प्रदीप् #FollowTrueIndologyLiv

@vinodjose Have some spine and self respect man.. stop worshiping Israeli gods and fairies.. be Indian and cease th…

17 hours ago

The REAL Rebel Child

#ooc go on, there's gotta be some mafia scum around. :) or are you more of a townienat heart? A vigilante? Perh…

18 hours ago

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NCT 127

NCTzens! We are having an online listening party for you to listen to the album together for the first time on…

1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Anyone who believes in the constitution needs to understand the left is making a major play to undercut our Republi…

19 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

.....The Dems want a second shot at Bob Mueller, are very unhappy with the No Collusion Report. They should not be…

13 hours ago


anyone tryna play grounders?

7 hours ago