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Brendan Nyhan

@kwcollins @MattGrossmann @jbview @NateSilver538 There's no magic. Remember when Karl Rove was an unbeatable politi…

3 days ago

Sarah N Vail

Scared of wrinkles and fine lines??⁣⁣ Spells and magic potions are NOT WORKING?⁣⁣ #witchplease ⁣⁣ Well don’t worry…

4 hours ago

Anna Davidson

RT @AphobiaBlocker: very brief notes on aphobic rhetoric and where it is from. micro identities are harmful - truscum/transphobe rhetoric…

4 hours ago

Rudi the Renamon

You know, I've been watching The Magic School Bus on Netflix and I had a thought. Considering how often the charac…

4 hours ago


@CNN Magic mushrooms (psilocybin) has shown to improve cognitive ability due to its ability to open up pathways in…

10 hours ago

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