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Jerry Saltz

Far far right wing maniac convicted felon and tax-dodger Limbaugh still raging against masks and social distancing.

22 hours ago

Walter Shaub

Why would anyone visit the U.S.? They could get a virus, get shot, get killed by a cop, be denied medical care, die…

4 days ago

Niels Brinch

@GenMhayden Gentlemen - I understand your frustration. Without having talked to everyone, I think most of the world…

20 hours ago

Jeezus Kryst

RT @flyaway_k: @TheRickWilson @realDonaldTrump Looks like we’ll be having a big orange bowl of maniac soup for lunch. Good job 👏🏼

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RT @StopAntisemites: Desean Jackson QUOTED HITLER to his 1.4 MILLION #instagram followers. He is promoting a genocidal MANIAC who murdered…

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