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Rep. Jim Jordan

On Wednesday, @RepJerryNadler plans to push FISA and other important bills through Judiciary. But 4 Judiciary mem…

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みんな聴いてくれてありがとう! 「Turning Up」がSpotifyの元気Booster プレイリストに追加されました!ありがとうSpotify! Thanks for all of your streams! "Turn…

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David Fahrenthold

The biggest mystery in @realdonaldtrump's financial disclosures: he owes more than ***$50 million*** to an LLC that…

9 hours ago


RT @madhukishwar: "Students" like @UmarKhalidJNU & Maoist Leninist @kavita_krishnan are running front organisations 4 Jehadi/Maoist terrori…

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RT @boring_as_heck: I'm a Pokemon gym leader from the early part of the game. I have two Pokemon, both level 15 or below, neither of them e…

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