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Michael Teske

This is not a typical network marketing company but does uses social marketing platforms for telling others about the service

8 years ago

Steel Space

Don't be afraid to get #green with your #marketing platforms. Using recycled shipping containers benefits the environment

8 years ago

Brandon Keenen

Launching a New Affiliate Marketing Program, Part 1: Tracking Platforms | Practical eCommerce #phg

8 years ago

Amy Hetherington

I will have coordinated marketing across all platforms!!!!

8 years ago


Hey @microsoft: the more I see you marketing the crap out of windows 8 and the mobile platforms, the more I think this must be real crap.

8 years ago

Modern Working Woman

.@rebelmouse @pinterest + @instagram = visual marketing platforms for social media marketing

8 years ago

Charlie Calabrese

“@catango: @ccalabrese3 Shoutout to Performance Horizon :)” love you lady!!!

8 years ago

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