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I tweeted yesterday that I'm organizing a trash clean up in Baltimore. I've received so many volunteer requests,…

1 month ago

Terrence K. Williams

Al Sharpton is a Master Race Baiter & Ambulance Chaser. @realDonaldTrump Said Sharpton Hates Whites & Cops but w…

1 month ago

John O. Brennan

Dan Coats served ably & with deep integrity. Ratcliffe showed abject subservience to Trump in Mueller hearings. The…

1 month ago

Mustafa Kılıç

@abdullahciftcib @tgrthabertv

1 month ago


RT @rekashef: مواجه هستیم. من شخصا بر همه چیز نظارت دارم، شما به کار خودتان مشغول باشید و در این مسائل دخالت نکنید.» شاه می‌خواست که همه چ…

1 month ago