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Lola Monroe 💋

RT @yusufyuie: When I'm out spending money I know I have no business doing and start doing the math in my head

3 hours ago

Meme Overflow

Error on import math when embedding python in C

14 hours ago

Meme Overflow

Looking for .NET Math method that will zero a negative integer

21 hours ago


S/o to my math teacher for saving my phone from my seltzer that was about to overflow 🙏🏻🙏🏻

1 day ago


RT @kvlly: I am a: ⚪️ Man ⚪️ Woman 🔘 Programmer Looking for: ⚪️ Women ⚪️ Men 🔘 A solution on Stack Overflow to paste into my project

1 day ago

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