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Craig Moore

Sometimes when I'm coding I feel smart, and then I remember that there is a Math version of Stack Overflow, and wit…

1 month ago

Robert Dougan

@familyunequal @realDonaldTrump You need a brain scan or go back to school and retake math and history cause no cou…

1 month ago

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Max Lin

RT @logicians: Q’n: Examples of "miraculous" proofs?

1 month ago

Benjamin Dickman

@mpershan The #MTBoS+#iteachmath users have what I initially found to be a surprisingly small intersection with use…

1 month ago

John Carlos Baez

@sigfpe @JimPropp Nice, Dan! Will you post your answer on MathOverflow?

1 month ago

Joel David Hamkins

I answered a question on MathOverflow. Forcing and Family Contentions: Who wins the disputes?

1 month ago