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Lizzie M🦀lyneux

@JohnSharkman @mattlogelin @bsblcardvandals Hi husband!

1 hour ago

matt logelin

@JohnSharkman @bsblcardvandals no prediction could’ve predicted this moment. it’s a good one, for sure.

16 hours ago

Joey White

@JohnSharkman @mattlogelin @bsblcardvandals I got pretty into his blog after I lost my daughter. Helped a lot. Glad…

16 hours ago

John Sharkman

This is my dude @mattlogelin and we were in poly sci classes 20 years ago and now we are dying laughing at his incr…

16 hours ago

Randy Man

@mattlogelin You are such an awesome inspiration to so many. I was a single Dad raising a Daughter by myself also…

1 week ago

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